Frameless glass doors are a great way to enhance your home, restaurant, or office space. Not only do frameless glass doors provide a beautiful partition between spaces, but they also allow for ample light to stream through different rooms, providing an elegant series of enclosures for friends, family and colleagues.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Installing frameless glass doors in your space can reinvent the look of your abode. If you’re looking to open up the feel of your rooms, like creating less of a barrier between the outside world and the inside, frameless glass doors are a great option. Consider placing frameless glass doors at an entry point to the patio, so that when guests are over, the party can continue both inside and outside with virtually nothing in between. This concept enhances the flexibility of your spaces, and allows for people to still be close to one another, even in separate rooms with frameless glass doors.

Frameless glass French doors are a beautiful option when it comes to adding frameless glass doors to your home or business. French doors are always a treat for the eyes, and add a charming, traditional yet elegant look to any space. However, French doors only are able to swing open six feet, so there is some limit to the range of motion you can achieve with these types of frameless glass doors. Because French doors need more room to swing open, be prepared to have adequate space in the room for these frameless glass doors to open and close.

For a type of frameless glass door that requires no space to swing open and closed, consider bottom-rolling or top-hung doors that slide. This type of frameless glass door can be challenging to custom-fit, however, they offer an ideal option for frameless glass doors if you prefer something that takes up virtually no space whatsoever.

Another benefit of custom-designed frameless glass doors is that they can be cut and designed to fit virtually any space, even if your home or business has odd angles or curved walls. At Green America Glass, our frameless glass doors can be built to bend in various ways to maximize the potential of your specific architecture.

About Green America Glass

Green America Glass leads Florida in frameless glass door fabrication and installation, offering an amazing selection of glass varieties suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We have been serving businesses and homeowners proudly for many years in their search for the perfect frameless glass doors, and our skilled craftsmen have years of experience. We use the best CNC machines to make sure all of our glass work is extremely precise, taking care to fabricate your frameless glass doors down to the last millimeter. Contact us today to find out what it will take to design and install frameless glass doors for your space, so that you can have a more modern, seamless and light-filled abode.

Green America Glass is one of the premier installers, distributors and makers of glass shower doors in the country. Glass shower doors make a beautiful, elegant addition to your bathroom, and greatly improve the look and feel of your space. A glass shower door also provides a water-tight seal for your shower, and quick and easy access to get in and out.

Things to Consider

There are many different design options when deciding on the perfect glass shower door for your bathroom. Showers can be one of three different types: corner walk-in showers, alcove stand-alone showers and bathtub showers. Depending on your shower, the glass shower door design will vary greatly. There is a fourth version of shower, called a barrier-free, which is designed without a door and is more accessible for wheelchair entry.

Considering the bathroom’s layout is another important step in determining the type of glass shower door you’d like to install. A glass shower door requires clearance to open completely depending on the type you get, so it’s essential to measure the bathroom and consider the layout and which way the door will open when looking for an appropriate glass shower door.

Additionally, considering the width and height of the shower’s opening is another important aspect of glass shower door installation. A standard shower door runs 22-36 inches across, and anything wider than that most likely needs an added panel, or a specific type of glass shower door that accommodates wider openings.

Glass Shower Door Varieties

Sliding glass shower doors are one option, and are the best variety of glass shower door for smaller spaces and for bathtub showers. These types of glass shower door slide along tracks, and don’t require any floor space or room for a glass shower door to swing open and closed.

Pivoting glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that are attached to hinges which swing open. This type of glass shower door opens from one side only, and works for showers that are narrow. Depending on the model, you can find a pivoting glass shower door that swings inward and outward, allowing for a wide range of motion.

Round glass shower doors are a good way to save space for both corner and walk-in showers. This type of glass shower door can be reversible so that you can access your shower stall from either side. Neo-angle glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that work for corner shower installations. They are a great space-saving option and can also be reversible.

Lastly, barrier-free glass shower doors have an open design that shields the bathroom from water, while allowing wheelchair access. This type of glass shower door makes the bathroom feel modern and large, and is a beautiful option when installing a new glass shower door.

Contact us today at Green America Glass for a quote on your glass shower door installation, and to answer any questions you may have about updating your bathroom.

Installing frameless glass doors at your home or business has so many benefits, from adding an aesthetic appeal, to allowing natural light to enter the space. At Green America Glass, we offer many different options and styles when it comes to frameless glass doors, and can help you decide the best way to move forward with your frameless glass door installation.

Aesthetic Appeal

Adding frameless glass doors to your space instead of traditional doors that obscure the view is a great option when trying to make the area feel more open and inviting. For example, frameless glass doors are a really nice addition to an office space, so that separated office rooms feel more cohesive and open, creating a better atmosphere for collaboration and creativity.

Frameless glass doors are also an ideal way to enhance natural light in your space and help light reflect throughout the whole area. When you imagine a museum, or a large open space that has different rooms, the reason it feels so open and large is probably because they are using frameless glass doors as partitions between spaces. This allows light to travel between different rooms at the same time, and allows the viewer to see multiple rooms as one larger expanse of space, rather than separated enclosures.

If you are choosing between framed glass doors and frameless glass doors, frameless glass doors are definitely a sleeker and more modern design that make a space look expansive as well as expensive. Frameless glass doors offer a unique quality by creating a luxurious aesthetic that immediately invokes thoughts of the space being high-end, minimalistic and beautiful.

So Many Options

At Green America Glass, we have many different options when it comes to your frameless glass doors. Whether you are looking for something traditional like clear glass that allows the most amount of light through, or whether you want something tinted, we are here for you and can help you decide what would work best for your needs.

For example, one beautiful option for your frameless glass doors is acid-etched glass. Oftentimes known as “French embossed glass,” acid-etched glass is a time-honored tradition and is one of the oldest techniques in decorative glass fabrication. Acid-etched frameless glass doors offer a slightly more opaque, satin-like finish that still allows for ample light while providing more privacy than traditional clear frameless glass doors.

Another alternative glass option when it comes to your frameless glass doors is beautiful, earthy bronze glass. Bronze glass is an elegant frameless glass door option that compliments other design elements like wood, stone or exposed brick. Bronze frameless glass doors offer a tinted glass door look, and are ideal for an area where you’d like to mitigate some of the light coming into the room. Frameless glass doors can come in a variety of finishes depending on the look, feel and purpose you are going for. Call us today to get an estimate on your frameless glass door installation.

If you are looking to install a brand-new glass shower door, Green America Glass is your one-stop-shop for all things glass. Our glass shower doors have so many benefits as well as different options so that you can have the glass shower door of your dreams. Here we will go over some benefits of glass shower doors, and how they can enhance your home and bathroom.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Are you tired of dealing with mildew on your shower curtain? Or just can’t find a shower curtain that fits the vibe of your bathroom? Or maybe you’re ready to upgrade and modernize your shower experience. Our glass shower doors offer all of these benefits and more, with countless styles and options for your home.

One great benefit of a glass shower door is the fact that in general, glass shower doors are a lot easier to clean and maintain than shower curtains. Shower curtains have to be replaced – especially the inside liner – multiple times a year due to mildew. It can be hard to clean off soap scum from plastic, and throwing a dirty shower curtain liner into the washer usually doesn’t cut it. This means more waste, and more money spent on replacements. That’s why glass shower doors are a much better option in the long run when it comes to saving money, energy and the environment.

Glass shower doors are extremely easy to clean, especially frameless glass shower doors, because all it takes is some glass cleaner and a soft rag. Depending on which type of glass shower door you install, it can be more or less time consuming to clean your glass shower door. For example, if you get a framed glass shower door installed you will spend more time cleaning the nooks and crannies around the frame, where mold and mildew most easily reside. On the other hand, if you invest in a frameless glass shower door cleaning is a breeze because there are no crevices for soap scum to accumulate. Your shower door is just a pristine piece of glass, simple and elegant.

Upgrading Your Home

Installing a glass shower door is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your bathroom and install a quality, lasting investment into your home. By adding a glass shower door, you are increasing your home’s value, and if you ever were to sell your home, potential buyers would look at your glass shower door as an asset.

Not only do glass shower doors provide monetary value to your home, but they also provide a sleek, modern yet timeless aesthetic to your bathroom. Walk into any bathroom and see what a difference a glass shower door can make compared to a standard shower curtain. Adding a glass shower door makes the bathroom appear larger and more luxurious instantly, while also showcasing any tile work adorning your shower. Glass shower doors are a great, sensible enhancement that can last for years to come.