All You Need to Know About Shower Hinges

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Shower Hinges

When choosing the right hardware for your glass shower door, finding shower hinges that will hold up under stress and won’t erode or rust is of prime importance. At Green America Glass, our shower hinges are made of premium metal and will support your shower door securely for years to come.

With a frameless glass shower door, installing shower hinges is essential in providing a functional and safe frameless door for your shower. Two or more shower hinges are mounted on the sides of the frameless glass shower door providing the proper secure way for the door to swing in or out. Installing premium shower hinges is necessary to ensure your frameless glass shower door doesn’t fall or tilt, and allows for you to easily get in and out of the shower in a safe manner.

Shower hinges can either rotate 80 degrees or 180 degrees, depending on how you want your frameless glass shower door to function. Shower hinges that rotate 80 degrees allow for the door to swing one way, while shower hinges that rotate 180 degrees allow for the frameless glass shower door to be opened by both pushing inward or pulling outward, allowing for a greater degree of motion. Choosing which type of shower hinges to install depends on what you are looking for in your shower experience and how large your bathroom and shower is. Shower hinges that rotate 180 degrees require a larger shower space, so that if you push the door in, it isn’t hitting against the back of the shower. For shower spaces that are smaller, choosing shower hinges that rotate 80 degrees is the right option. These types of shower hinges allow for the frameless glass shower door to swing open away from the inside of the shower only, so that you don’t run the risk of pushing the shower door inward and bumping it against the shower itself.

It’s important to remember that choosing shower hinges means you will be installing a glass shower door that opens by swinging in or out or both, which means your bathroom has to have the necessary room for this to happen. Shower hinges have to have enough room to rotate properly, so if you have a smaller bathroom you should consider installing a sliding glass shower door instead. If you do have the space for a swinging frameless glass shower door, it might be beneficial to discuss with one of our experts at Green America Glass whether you’d like to install 80 degree rotating shower hinges or 180 degree rotating shower hinges. We can easily assess the depth of your shower to determine if you have enough room for 180 degree shower hinges or not. Once we figure that out, we can assist you in choosing the right style and color for your frameless glass shower hinges.

For more information about installing shower hinges, contact one of our experts today so that we can assist you in updating your shower experience.

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