Railing hardware is an essential part of building a staircase or securing a balcony. Railing hardware holds a railing into place, which acts as a barrier so that people have something to hold onto and keep them safe. At Green America Glass, we offer many different types of railing hardware so that you can choose the materials that fit your space best.

There are many materials to choose from when it comes to railing hardware, and in this article we will go over some of the more popular materials used for railing hardware so that you can figure out what suits your project. Different metals, such as aluminum, wrought iron and steel are popular choices when it comes to railing hardware. These metals look beautiful in contemporary and industrial settings, and choosing metal railing hardware offers optimal support to keep everything safe and secure.

When choosing metal railing hardware, make sure that the metal is galvanized to prevent erosion and rusting. Steel railing hardware, for example, should be either stainless steel or galvanized steel railing hardware. Oftentimes nickel, nitrogen, chromium and molybdenum are added to steel railing hardware so that corrosion can be prevented. Steel railing hardware is a great option because steel is notoriously strong and durable, so it is one of the safest materials when it comes to railing hardware. Not only that, but steel can be coated with different liquid paints as well as powder coatings or primers so that its performance is even better. Steel is also weather resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors for your railing hardware needs.

Some cons in using steel for your railing hardware include its heat sensitivity. In extreme heat, steel railing hardware can weaken. Steel railing hardware can also be more expensive than other varieties and is fairly weighty, so it can be harder to use in DIY projects for railing hardware installations.

Another popular option for railing hardware is aluminum. Aluminum railing hardware is very lightweight compared to steel, and still looks like silver and offers a reflective quality to your railing hardware. Aluminum railing hardware is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust problems, so you don’t have to add any additional treatments to your railing hardware to prevent rusting. Aluminum railing hardware, like steel, can be used both indoors and outside, and aluminum railing hardware is very durable and strong.

Because of its resistance to rust and corrosion, aluminum railing hardware can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and requires little to no maintenance.  However, aluminum is more expensive than steel when it comes to railing hardware, and is also more prone to scratches. For more information on installing premium railing hardware for your space, contact us at Green America Glass to talk to one of our railing hardware experts. We will answer all of your questions and help you choose the railing hardware best suited for your project.

When it comes to installing a glass shower door, Green America Glass has many varieties of shower door hardware to choose from. Whether you are looking for decorative shower door hardware or purely functional pieces, we have all of the shower door hardware you need to fulfill your shower door installation. Here we will discuss a few types of shower door hardware that we supply.

Handles and Knobs

There are countless varieties of shower door handles and knobs when it comes to shower door hardware, and sometimes choosing the right design can be tricky. In terms of shower door hardware handles, you can choose between mitered pull handles, square pull handles, ladder pull handles, knobs, and finger pull handles. You can choose shower door hardware handles that are simple or extravagant and custom made, so matching your budget and aesthetic is 100% guaranteed.

Some of the more common knobs and handle varieties are the d-pull shower door hardware handles, the square pull shower door hardware handles, and the ladder pull shower door hardware handles. All of these types of shower door hardware come in various sizes and lengths, and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on your preferences. Other options for shower door hardware handles include the knob or finger pull. The finger pull shower door hardware handle is a little indentation that is circular, allowing you to pull the glass shower door open just with your fingertip. A knob is a standard metal extrusion, often found on cabinets, that allows you to pull open the shower door with the shower door hardware mechanism.

Towel Bars

Installing towel bars for your shower door hardware is another great option to match the handle or knob style of your shower door hardware. Towel bars come in different lengths for both shower towels or hand towels. Choosing a combo for your shower door hardware with matching handles and bars is a great way to add style and consistency to your bathroom.

Glass Panels

Choosing the perfect fixed glass panels when determining which shower door hardware is best for you is an essential step in updating your shower. Usually, glass shower doors are made up of two or more sturdy glass panels. One of these panels either swings open on pivots or hinges or slides across a metal track, while the other is a fixed panel that doesn’t move and is attached to the wall. The shower door hardware that keeps the glass panels attached to the wall are either clips or a channel.

A channel generally runs all the way across the height and width of the glass panel, whereas clips are a piece of shower door hardware that are small metal squares that the glass fits into. This type of shower door hardware leaves a small gap between the wall and the glass panel. Because of this, channels are pieces of shower door hardware that are more efficient at blocking water from getting into the bathroom.

For more information on shower door hardware, contact one of our experts at Green America Glass so we can assist you in all of your shower door hardware needs.

Finding the perfect glass shower door hardware for your bathroom first involves figuring out which glass shower door hardware you need, and what all the components are called. Whether you are looking for handles or hinges, Green America Glass has what you need when it comes to providing top quality glass shower door hardware for your space.

Knowing whether you are installing a framed or frameless glass shower door will determine the types of glass shower door hardware you’ll need. While frameless glass shower doors have a clean and sleek look, framed glass shower doors have more glass shower door hardware due to their metal frame. Because of their modern appeal, frameless glass shower doors are currently the most in-demand glass shower door style, and are more costly than their framed counterparts. Fortunately, most glass shower door hardware is compatible with frameless and framed shower doors alike.

Glass Shower Door Hardware Parts

Here is a list comprising all of the glass shower door hardware parts needed to finish your glass shower door properly: if you have a sliding shower door, you’ll need a header bar, mounts for the header, and sliders for the door as well as channels for a fixed panel. You’ll also need glass shower door hardware parts like a handle bar and towel bar, glass panels, metal surroundings, and glass panel guides.

When it comes to shower door slider and hinge options, there are three main types of glass shower door hardware. These are pivots, hinges and sliders. With a smaller bathroom, you’ll want to consider sliding shower doors because there won’t be adequate space for a swinging glass shower door. The glass shower door hardware needed in this case includes sliding hardware, which is attached at the top of the door’s panel, and often requires pre-drilled holes throughout the glass. The glass shower door hardware then rolls on either a support bar, or in a header bar which opens and closes the door. This type of glass shower door and glass shower door hardware comes in two options, a single sliding door as well as two bypass sliding doors. Some people prefer choosing a bypass sliding door, which provides more flexibility when entering the shower.

Hinges are another type of glass shower door hardware that are common and cost efficient. This kind of glass shower door hardware has a low profile, and is attached in two locations or more. Pivots like hinges are another glass shower door hardware option that are attached to the floor or a frame, header, ceiling or wall. All of the slider and hinge glass shower door hardware options listed are available for framed and frameless glass shower doors alike.

For more information on installing premium glass shower door hardware for your bathroom, contact one of our experts at Green America Glass. We can help you choose the best options when it comes to glass shower door hardware so that you are completely satisfied.

When choosing the right hardware for your glass shower door, finding shower hinges that will hold up under stress and won’t erode or rust is of prime importance. At Green America Glass, our shower hinges are made of premium metal and will support your shower door securely for years to come.

With a frameless glass shower door, installing shower hinges is essential in providing a functional and safe frameless door for your shower. Two or more shower hinges are mounted on the sides of the frameless glass shower door providing the proper secure way for the door to swing in or out. Installing premium shower hinges is necessary to ensure your frameless glass shower door doesn’t fall or tilt, and allows for you to easily get in and out of the shower in a safe manner.

Shower hinges can either rotate 80 degrees or 180 degrees, depending on how you want your frameless glass shower door to function. Shower hinges that rotate 80 degrees allow for the door to swing one way, while shower hinges that rotate 180 degrees allow for the frameless glass shower door to be opened by both pushing inward or pulling outward, allowing for a greater degree of motion. Choosing which type of shower hinges to install depends on what you are looking for in your shower experience and how large your bathroom and shower is. Shower hinges that rotate 180 degrees require a larger shower space, so that if you push the door in, it isn’t hitting against the back of the shower. For shower spaces that are smaller, choosing shower hinges that rotate 80 degrees is the right option. These types of shower hinges allow for the frameless glass shower door to swing open away from the inside of the shower only, so that you don’t run the risk of pushing the shower door inward and bumping it against the shower itself.

It’s important to remember that choosing shower hinges means you will be installing a glass shower door that opens by swinging in or out or both, which means your bathroom has to have the necessary room for this to happen. Shower hinges have to have enough room to rotate properly, so if you have a smaller bathroom you should consider installing a sliding glass shower door instead. If you do have the space for a swinging frameless glass shower door, it might be beneficial to discuss with one of our experts at Green America Glass whether you’d like to install 80 degree rotating shower hinges or 180 degree rotating shower hinges. We can easily assess the depth of your shower to determine if you have enough room for 180 degree shower hinges or not. Once we figure that out, we can assist you in choosing the right style and color for your frameless glass shower hinges.

For more information about installing shower hinges, contact one of our experts today so that we can assist you in updating your shower experience.

If you are searching for gorgeous, timeless frameless glass doors, you probably have a number of requirements to ensure you are receiving the best quality item for the best price point. You’re probably looking for frameless glass doors that are safe and sturdy, which means you care about where your frameless glass doors are made. At Green America Glass, our frameless glass doors are made in-house in the United States, ensuring the highest quality, safest and sturdiest glass available.

While on the hunt for frameless glass doors, you’re also probably thinking about different aesthetic options that go with your space, as well as craftsmanship and custom installation. Thankfully, Green America Glass offers a wide variety of custom colors and textures when it comes to frameless glass doors, as well as custom fit and installations of frameless glass doors so your space looks pristine.

Green America Glass Frameless Glass Doors

At Green America Glass, our frameless glass doors are completely customizable and can fit nearly any space, so you can have frameless glass doors regardless of custom sizing. Not only that, but our frameless glass doors are available in a variety of gorgeous glass types, such as traditional clear glass, acid etched glass, bronze glass, gray glass, or super clear low iron glass. There are benefits to each of these types of glass, depending on what you’re looking for for your frameless glass doors.

For example, clear glass will offer you the traditional look and feel of frameless glass doors while still providing an obvious partition. Alternatively, low iron glass is even more clear than clear glass, and while it’s a beautiful option, it can become dangerous if someone tries to walk through the partition without realizing the door is there because it’s so perfectly clear!

If you are looking for frameless glass doors with a more unique look and feel, consider either our acid etched glass, bronze glass, or gray glass. Acid etched glass gives your frameless glass doors a unique texture, offering a bit more privacy and more opacity so that the doors feel more traditional in that sense. Bronze glass is a beautiful tinted option, and can provide a nice warm glow, especially if natural light is allowed through the frameless glass doors. Bronze frameless glass doors can look especially beautiful next to natural elements like exposed brick or stone, and provide a sense of coziness and warmth.

Another tinted option for your frameless glass door is gray glass, which is similar to bronze glass but of a cooler hue. Gray frameless glass doors offer a bit more privacy being tinted, while also dampening some natural light if you want your space to be a bit dimmer. Gray glass looks gorgeous with silver hardware and with cooler toned elements such as exposed stone and stainless steel.

Contact one of our design specialists today to get your frameless glass door experience started!

If you are in the market for a premium glass shower door but don’t know where to start, there are probably a number of qualifications you are looking for when it comes to a glass shower door company. Ideally, you’d probably like the glass shower doors to be made in the U.S.A., to ensure the highest quality and standard possible, while supporting local infrastructure. When searching for the perfect glass shower door, price probably plays a part as well. You’re probably looking for glass shower doors that maintain a high quality and standard at an affordable and competitive price point.

Not only that, but you’re probably looking for glass shower doors that are beautiful and attractive, and that go with your bathroom. This could mean you are looking for a glass shower door company that offers a variety of options, as well as custom installation so that you don’t have to worry about the right fit and the installation process.

Green America Glass Shower Doors

Luckily, Green America Glass fits all these requirements and more when it comes to premium glass shower doors. Not only does Green America Glass make all of their glass shower doors in house in the United States, we also use the finest and highest quality materials to make all of our varieties of glass shower doors. We have many different styles of glass shower doors available, depending on what you are looking for. Not to mention we offer affordable, competitively priced options so that you can find the perfect glass shower door to fit your space, in your specific price range.

Our custom installation experts ensure that your glass shower doors are fitted perfectly, providing optimal hardware and premium installation so that you don’t have to worry about your glass shower doors for years to come. What’s more, our glass shower doors come in a variety of beautiful styles and colors so that you can choose what fits your bathroom best. If you’re unsure about which glass shower doors to go with, our design experts are happy to assist you in choosing the most aesthetically pleasing, luxurious option for your custom bathroom experience.

Glass Shower Door Options

When it comes to glass shower doors, not only are there a variety of style options for the color of glass and type of glass you choose, but you can also choose what type of shower door you need for your specific showering space. For example, some glass shower doors have metal frames around them, and slide along the metal frame above a bathtub/shower duo. This type of glass shower door is generally the most affordable, and allows you to have a bath/shower in one while still having the luxurious aspect of a glass shower door rather than a shower curtain.

Another option is a frameless glass shower door, which is compatible with a walk-in shower and has a more modern feel. No matter what type of glass shower door you’re looking for, Green America Glass will equip you with what you need. Call us today to speak with one of our experts.

Frameless glass doors are a great way to enhance your home, restaurant, or office space. Not only do frameless glass doors provide a beautiful partition between spaces, but they also allow for ample light to stream through different rooms, providing an elegant series of enclosures for friends, family and colleagues.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Doors

Installing frameless glass doors in your space can reinvent the look of your abode. If you’re looking to open up the feel of your rooms, like creating less of a barrier between the outside world and the inside, frameless glass doors are a great option. Consider placing frameless glass doors at an entry point to the patio, so that when guests are over, the party can continue both inside and outside with virtually nothing in between. This concept enhances the flexibility of your spaces, and allows for people to still be close to one another, even in separate rooms with frameless glass doors.

Frameless glass French doors are a beautiful option when it comes to adding frameless glass doors to your home or business. French doors are always a treat for the eyes, and add a charming, traditional yet elegant look to any space. However, French doors only are able to swing open six feet, so there is some limit to the range of motion you can achieve with these types of frameless glass doors. Because French doors need more room to swing open, be prepared to have adequate space in the room for these frameless glass doors to open and close.

For a type of frameless glass door that requires no space to swing open and closed, consider bottom-rolling or top-hung doors that slide. This type of frameless glass door can be challenging to custom-fit, however, they offer an ideal option for frameless glass doors if you prefer something that takes up virtually no space whatsoever.

Another benefit of custom-designed frameless glass doors is that they can be cut and designed to fit virtually any space, even if your home or business has odd angles or curved walls. At Green America Glass, our frameless glass doors can be built to bend in various ways to maximize the potential of your specific architecture.

About Green America Glass

Green America Glass leads Florida in frameless glass door fabrication and installation, offering an amazing selection of glass varieties suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We have been serving businesses and homeowners proudly for many years in their search for the perfect frameless glass doors, and our skilled craftsmen have years of experience. We use the best CNC machines to make sure all of our glass work is extremely precise, taking care to fabricate your frameless glass doors down to the last millimeter. Contact us today to find out what it will take to design and install frameless glass doors for your space, so that you can have a more modern, seamless and light-filled abode.

Green America Glass is one of the premier installers, distributors and makers of glass shower doors in the country. Glass shower doors make a beautiful, elegant addition to your bathroom, and greatly improve the look and feel of your space. A glass shower door also provides a water-tight seal for your shower, and quick and easy access to get in and out.

Things to Consider

There are many different design options when deciding on the perfect glass shower door for your bathroom. Showers can be one of three different types: corner walk-in showers, alcove stand-alone showers and bathtub showers. Depending on your shower, the glass shower door design will vary greatly. There is a fourth version of shower, called a barrier-free, which is designed without a door and is more accessible for wheelchair entry.

Considering the bathroom’s layout is another important step in determining the type of glass shower door you’d like to install. A glass shower door requires clearance to open completely depending on the type you get, so it’s essential to measure the bathroom and consider the layout and which way the door will open when looking for an appropriate glass shower door.

Additionally, considering the width and height of the shower’s opening is another important aspect of glass shower door installation. A standard shower door runs 22-36 inches across, and anything wider than that most likely needs an added panel, or a specific type of glass shower door that accommodates wider openings.

Glass Shower Door Varieties

Sliding glass shower doors are one option, and are the best variety of glass shower door for smaller spaces and for bathtub showers. These types of glass shower door slide along tracks, and don’t require any floor space or room for a glass shower door to swing open and closed.

Pivoting glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that are attached to hinges which swing open. This type of glass shower door opens from one side only, and works for showers that are narrow. Depending on the model, you can find a pivoting glass shower door that swings inward and outward, allowing for a wide range of motion.

Round glass shower doors are a good way to save space for both corner and walk-in showers. This type of glass shower door can be reversible so that you can access your shower stall from either side. Neo-angle glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that work for corner shower installations. They are a great space-saving option and can also be reversible.

Lastly, barrier-free glass shower doors have an open design that shields the bathroom from water, while allowing wheelchair access. This type of glass shower door makes the bathroom feel modern and large, and is a beautiful option when installing a new glass shower door.

Contact us today at Green America Glass for a quote on your glass shower door installation, and to answer any questions you may have about updating your bathroom.

If you are looking to install a brand-new glass shower door, Green America Glass is your one-stop-shop for all things glass. Our glass shower doors have so many benefits as well as different options so that you can have the glass shower door of your dreams. Here we will go over some benefits of glass shower doors, and how they can enhance your home and bathroom.

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Are you tired of dealing with mildew on your shower curtain? Or just can’t find a shower curtain that fits the vibe of your bathroom? Or maybe you’re ready to upgrade and modernize your shower experience. Our glass shower doors offer all of these benefits and more, with countless styles and options for your home.

One great benefit of a glass shower door is the fact that in general, glass shower doors are a lot easier to clean and maintain than shower curtains. Shower curtains have to be replaced – especially the inside liner – multiple times a year due to mildew. It can be hard to clean off soap scum from plastic, and throwing a dirty shower curtain liner into the washer usually doesn’t cut it. This means more waste, and more money spent on replacements. That’s why glass shower doors are a much better option in the long run when it comes to saving money, energy and the environment.

Glass shower doors are extremely easy to clean, especially frameless glass shower doors, because all it takes is some glass cleaner and a soft rag. Depending on which type of glass shower door you install, it can be more or less time consuming to clean your glass shower door. For example, if you get a framed glass shower door installed you will spend more time cleaning the nooks and crannies around the frame, where mold and mildew most easily reside. On the other hand, if you invest in a frameless glass shower door cleaning is a breeze because there are no crevices for soap scum to accumulate. Your shower door is just a pristine piece of glass, simple and elegant.

Upgrading Your Home

Installing a glass shower door is one of the best things you can do to upgrade your bathroom and install a quality, lasting investment into your home. By adding a glass shower door, you are increasing your home’s value, and if you ever were to sell your home, potential buyers would look at your glass shower door as an asset.

Not only do glass shower doors provide monetary value to your home, but they also provide a sleek, modern yet timeless aesthetic to your bathroom. Walk into any bathroom and see what a difference a glass shower door can make compared to a standard shower curtain. Adding a glass shower door makes the bathroom appear larger and more luxurious instantly, while also showcasing any tile work adorning your shower. Glass shower doors are a great, sensible enhancement that can last for years to come.

Frameless glass doors are a great door option to enhance your home and make it more modern, while also providing a quality investment that will last for years to come. Frameless glass doors can be used for many different applications, such as a frameless glass shower door, a frameless glass door for a partition entry, and more. Here we will outline some fantastic benefits of installing a frameless glass door to inspire a contemporary, minimalist design element that will be sure to last for years to come.

See the View

Florida often boasts beautiful tropical views of palm trees, beaches, ocean sides and sunsets. If you are looking for a way to open up your living space to the outdoors, whether it’s to enhance your view or to let more sunlight in, frameless glass doors are a great option. They allow the most amount of sunlight possible, and also create a seamless living space when moving from indoors to outside.

Frameless glass sliding doors are a great option for a contemporary style and to enhance the beauty of your indoor and outdoor space. Not only will frameless glass doors give you a great view to your beautiful patio, backyard, beach or sunset, but if you have children frameless glass doors are a great way to ensure you can keep an eye on them.

Merging Rooms

If you have two rooms that you’d like to be able to separate or merge at your own discretion, frameless glass shower doors are a great way to be able to see into adjoining rooms, while still offering some separation and the ability to add curtains to close off one space.

More Options

Frameless glass doors offer more options when it comes to fitting a door in an unconventional space. If your house has any curved walls or angles that in the past, limited your door options, look no further than frameless glass doors. Frameless glass doors offer many different kinds of configurations, and can fit anywhere you desire while enhancing your home’s unique curvature. There are also countless options for types of glass when it comes to frameless glass doors, such as textured or colored glass. This provides you with many different styling options, whether you are looking for frameless glass doors that offer more privacy, or frameless glass doors that provide optimal light and transparency.

Investment Potential

Frameless glass doors are a modern, beautiful way to maximize your home’s value. When walking into a space, frameless glass doors are a feature that immediately catches the eye, providing guests and potential home buyers an extremely desirable feature. Frameless glass doors offer clean lines and a sense of open-aired space, giving your home a larger than life feel. Frameless glass doors provide a luxurious alternative to normal doors or partitions, and truly make your space expansive and one-of-a-kind.

At Green America Glass, our frameless glass doors offer you a timeless experience and are a beautiful enhancement to your home. With our many styles and varieties of frameless glass doors, our experts will be sure to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.