A great way to update your bathroom is by installing a beautiful, new glass shower door. At Green America Glass, our glass shower doors can be made from all different types of glass depending on the style you are interested in. Generally, a glass shower door falls under one of three categories: a glass shower door for a walk-in shower in a corner of the bathroom, a glass shower door for a stand-alone shower stall, or a glass shower door for a bathtub shower. There is a fourth glass shower door option, which is for a barrier-free shower. This type of glass shower door provides a contemporary aesthetic and is ideal for wheelchair accessibility. However, there is actually no glass shower door in a barrier-free design, rather, the glass shower door consists of an open plank of glass that acts as a shield to prevent water from splashing into the bathroom.

Taking into consideration the bathroom’s layout is an important aspect as well when choosing a glass shower door. A glass shower door requires the necessary clearance to be able to open fully, so if you have a small space, you will need to find the proper glass shower door to fit comfortably. What’s more, if you have a shower opening that is wider than around 36-inches, it is likely that you will need to install another glass shower door panel or find a glass shower door that is specifically engineered for wide spaces.

Sliding Glass Shower Door

A sliding glass shower door is also known by the name “bypass door.” This glass door option is ideal for smaller bathrooms, as well as bathtub showers. One benefit of this type of shower door is they require no additional floor space for the door to swing open or closed, which is a necessity on a pivoting glass shower door. One disadvantage of a sliding glass shower door is the potential build-up of mildew, which can occur more often in the crevices of the metal frame. Other than that, a sliding glass shower door is a great option for a bathroom with minimal space, while still providing an elegant shower experience.

Pivot Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door that pivots, or contains a hinge, opens from one side of a walk-in shower. This type of glass shower door is perfect for openings that may be too narrow for a sliding glass shower door. What’s more, some pivot glass shower doors allow for the glass shower door to swing inward and outward, allowing for a wide range of motion.

Round Glass Shower Door

A round glass shower door is ideal for corner walk-in showers, and are often times reversible so that they can be accessed from the right or left side. This type of glass shower door is perfect for small spaces, and is attached to both the top and bottom of the frame so that the door remains stable and moves optimally.

If you are looking for a way to beautify your bathroom and create a sense of luxury with a modern twist, frameless shower doors are a great way to modernize and vamp-up your shower experience both aesthetically and functionally. At Green America Glass, we specialize in producing and installing frameless shower doors in a multitude of different glass types, and we guarantee to find the right look and feel for your frameless shower doors to enhance your bathroom.

Here we will outline some great benefits frameless shower doors can provide, so that you can make an informed decision when picking out your frameless shower doors.

A Cleaner Shower

One great benefit of frameless shower doors is they have a clean appearance, and by nature, are easier to keep clean. Frameless shower doors are made up of thick, hardy tempered glass, and they do not need metal supports unlike framed shower doors, which can tarnish over time. This means fewer crevices and cracks for water, soap, and mildew to collect, so cleaning frameless shower doors is quick easy by simply wiping with glass spray and a clean, dry cloth. It is much easier to maintain a cleanly appearance with frameless shower doors, and they also provide you with a simple, modern look to enhance your bathroom.

Many Design Options

Frameless shower doors offer a multitude of design options including different varieties of glass, and their wide range of motion gives frameless shower doors the option of opening from the inside or the outside interchangeably, whichever you prefer. However, installing frameless shower doors does require a bit more space for the doors to achieve their range of motion, so make sure your bathroom can accommodate that extra room.

If you are looking for frameless shower doors that are not completely transparent, it’s possible to have your frameless shower doors made out of tinted or textured glass, which offers a semi-transparent or opaque finish for more privacy. However, sticking with traditional transparent glass for your frameless shower doors gives you the benefit of creating an illusion of a larger, brighter bathroom.

Creating a Bigger Space

Aesthetically, frameless shower doors provide a modern appeal that is currently popular in today’s market. Frameless shower doors offer an airy, spacious look and feel, and are a great option to accentuate other aspects of your bathroom such as elaborate tile or stone work, or fun pops of color. Because frameless shower doors have a floating, generally see-through quality, they make your bathroom feel larger than it really is, and let plenty of light into your shower which creates a beautiful effect especially if your bathroom has windows that provide natural sunlight.

A Quality Investment

Another future benefit of frameless shower doors is that they increase the value of your property, ensuring your investment is truly worth the money. Although frameless shower doors are more expensive to buy and install than framed glass shower doors, they are much more appealing for future home-buyers and provide you with an asset when selling your home.

Trying to spruce up your bathroom and modernize your shower? A glass shower door is a great way to update your shower while adding value to your home. At Green America Glass, we specialize in making and installing premium glass shower doors in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your shower perfectly, while ensuring your glass shower door adds a luxurious touch to your bathroom and meets all the safety requirements so that your glass shower door is sturdy and lasts for years to come.

There are many options when it comes to installing a glass shower door, and at Green America Glass we offer many different styles and designs for your new glass shower door.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A frameless glass shower door offers a unique feel and aesthetic when it comes to updating your shower. This type of glass shower door can swing both directions, providing a wide range of motion and a floating, simplified look. One great benefit of this type of glass shower door is the lack of metal framing, which makes it much easier to clean, and reduces the areas that soap scum and mildew can collect. This means that with a frameless glass shower door, cleaning takes much less time and the overall cleanliness of your shower remains intact for longer. What’s more, because a frameless glass shower door does not have metal framing, there is no possibility of tarnishing, so your glass shower door will look better for longer.

Another thing to consider when looking at glass shower door options is that a frameless glass shower door, though pricier, increases the value of your home more than a framed shower door or a standard shower curtain. Before deciding which type of glass shower door you’d like to install, make sure your bathroom can accommodate the extra space needed for a frameless glass shower door. This type of glass shower door does require room for a wider range of motion, but if you have the space, the benefits may outweigh the drawbacks for this type of glass shower door.

Ultimately, a frameless glass shower door provides a modern appeal and offers an airy, open feel for your bathroom. It’s easy to showcase beautiful tile or stone work with this type of glass shower door, because the large pane of tempered glass allows for light to be drawn into your shower.

Framed Glass Shower Doors

A framed glass shower door offers a more traditional approach when choosing a glass shower door for your bathroom. Not only is a framed glass shower door less costly than a frameless glass shower door, it is also more suitable for smaller spaces, because this type of glass shower door slides on it’s metal frame rather than opening outwards and taking up space.

A framed glass shower doors can fit virtually any shower, and still offers many styling options based on the type of glass you choose. At Green America Glass, we offer many different types of glass regardless of which type of glass shower door you choose to install. If you want something traditional and transparent, we have high quality transparent glass for your glass shower door, and likewise, if you prefer something with more privacy, we can accommodate that as well with textured or tinted options. Call us today to get the glass shower door that fits perfectly in your space.

At Green America Glass, glass shower door installation is what we know and do best. It’s important to have someone you can trust installing your glass shower doors, so that you can rest easy and know you and your family are safe and secure in your glass shower enclosure. Green America Glass is the leader in glass shower door installation, and with our steady construction and solid and robust foundation we build only the best glass shower doors and install them optimally in your space.

As a full-service glass company, Green America Glass is Florida’s premier glass shower door installation specialist providing knowledgeable and experienced advice. Green America Glass was founded in 2011, and holds over a decade of experience installing glass shower doors for Miami’s most distinguished families. We specialize in custom glass fabrication, repairs, and installation of glass for residential customers. Our glass shower door installation will provide you with the service you are looking for to beautify your home or residence.

Installing glass shower doors requires expertise in order to line everything up properly for the perfect fit. It’s important that your installation is performed with skill and reliability, by a company who has over a decade under their belt installing glass shower doors professionally. Choose from a variety of glass types including low iron, bronze glass, acid etched or grey glass so that your glass shower door installation fits perfectly with your shower and bathroom aesthetic.

The type of glass shower door installation you need can be found with our experts who are available to assist you with any questions, concerns or needs you may have. They know what a beautiful bathroom means to you, and will make sure your glass shower door installation is a seamless endeavor, resulting in superb execution so that your glass shower doors sparkle and open and close pristinely.

Glass shower doors offer a sleek and classy look for any modern or traditional bathroom. The benefits of glass shower door installation are bountiful, and ensure you will never have to worry about changing or picking out a shower curtain that could easily go out of style or become worn. Installing glass shower doors is important to present a timeless look and feel, and they are more sustainable for your household because they last for a very long time.

At Green America Glass, we know how to enhance your space with our glass shower door installation. Glass shower door installation is important because glass shower doors are a stylish and classy accent to any bathroom, and particularly compliment tile in absolutely any color or pattern. It’s easy to match your glass shower doors because they work with any other design element, so your bathroom can be redecorated while keeping your glass shower door installation intact and secure.

If you are looking to sell your house or build value, installing a glass shower door in your shower would be a great way to improve your house for future buyers. When people see glass shower doors they immediately think of luxury and ease, promoting peace of mind and giving your home an asset many people desire. Call us today for your glass shower door installation at (305) 960-7025.

For many people, glass shower doors are an emblem of luxury and decadence, and past resorts or hotels that were especially comfortable and elegant probably come to mind. Bring that sense of beauty and style to your home and residence with Green America Glass’ glass shower doors. Our glass shower doors come in a variety of styles and innovations so that you can choose the model and look that fit your needs best. Whether you prefer clear or tinted or textured glass, we have what you need to make your glass shower doors an aspect in your home that you love.

If you are used to using shower curtains, you know that they need to be changed quite frequently in order to maintain cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Enter glass shower doors – the better way to enclose your shower. They are easy to clean and maintain their original form even after years of use. If sustainability is something you think about, you may want to consider glass shower doors as a longer lasting alternative to disposable shower curtains, ensuring a timeless design and zero waste.

Not only are glass shower doors more sustainable, but they also look and feel so much more luxurious than shower curtains. Our glass shower doors in a variety of styles offer a classy, more expensive feel for your bathroom so that yourself or your guests feel treated. It’s important to create a space that looks and feels clean, sleek and beautiful, and our glass shower doors at Green America Glass will help you achieve just that.

There are so many styles of glass shower doors, but if you are looking for something especially sleek and modern, frameless glass shower doors fulfill that purpose. With their frameless design, this type of glass shower door is especially easy to clean because there is no mildew buildup that could occur with a metal frame. Our frameless glass shower doors are comprised of one pane of beautiful thick, tempered glass to ensure your safety and the longevity of your glass shower doors.

At Green America Glass, our glass shower doors are neutral and elegant enough to go with any decor you may have, whether it is modern or traditional. It’s easy to change the colors and aesthetic of your bathroom with glass shower doors, because their timeless beautiful design matches everything. If you’re the type of person who likes to renovate or change things up once in a while, glass shower doors are the perfect staple in your bathroom because they can always stay the same and look amazing, no matter what phase your bathroom is going through.

Green America Glass offers glass shower doors in a variety of styles so that you can choose what fits your space. Our glass shower doors are made of strong, quality materials to last for years to come, and are easy to clean and maintain so that your shower can remain sparkling. Glass shower doors are a perfect addition to your bathroom, and at Green America Glass we do glass shower doors best.

At Green America Glass, our custom mirror installation is essential for any space that needs mirrors such as a bathroom or bedroom. Our custom mirror installation is performed by experts in their field so that your walls and mirrors stay safely intact with security and attention to detail. Mirrors are a beautiful way to express your sense of style with different frames or mirror placements, and our custom mirror installations will ensure your mirrors can act as delicate design elements to enhance your space.

High quality mirrors are essential for custom mirror installation, and if you are looking for something customized, you are definitely in need of quality construction. Mirror thickness and glass quality is important when customizing your mirror installation, and at Green America Glass we provide you with durable, high-quality glass you won’t find anywhere else. The benefit of custom mirror installation through a quality glass company is that you can rely upon our expertise and the durability and longevity of our products.

Cheaper mirrors may distort a reflection with their inconsistencies, but at Green America Glass our custom mirror installation provides you with top-notch glass ensuring the mirror’s reflection is pristine. We can help you with mirror placement as well, so that your space functions the way you envision and desire. Our experts make sure that your custom mirror installation is thorough and that the mirrors are installed precisely and evenly so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

As experts in the field, Green America Glass provides you with custom mirror installation by ensuring you accurate measurements and designs so that the mirrors you require fit perfectly in your space. We make sure the dimensions of your custom mirrors are exact to your specifications, and we work with you and your budget to create the perfect custom mirror installation for you.

In order to receive the proper installation and satisfaction you seek, it’s important to hire a professional mirror company to customize your mirror installation. That way, you can rest assured your mirrors are installed safely and precisely so that you can relax when it comes to your installation. Imagine the difference between custom designed mirrors that are professionally installed and store-bought mirrors installed by an amateur. It is evident that you and your guests will notice the difference with customized options installed in a professional manner, creating an attractive and seamless atmosphere to reflect your surroundings.

We offer all kinds of customizations so that your mirrors fit the look you are going for. Whether you are looking for something sleek and frameless or something more ornate, Green America Glass can help you decide what would look best. If you have the perfect idea already, we can make that come to life so that your custom mirror installation is realized.

At Green America Glass, our experts have over a decade of experience installing custom mirrors and glass, so put your custom mirror installation in our hands and we will make sure you are satisfied with the results.

Do you already have the perfect mirror for your home or business, but wish that a professional could install it for you? Our experts at Green America Glass have over a decade of experience installing mirrors in numerous types of spaces, regardless of the size. Whether you are looking for a new mirror or already have one ready to go, we can provide you with professional mirror installation so that your mirror is installed precisely and safely on your wall.

At Green America Glass we provide the highest quality mirror installation because we know that materials matter. We have a wide selection of mirrors to choose from, and the quality of our mirrors is top-notch. One important factor to consider when installing a mirror is mirror silvering, which is the coating on top of the glass to provide a perfect reflection. We ensure our mirrors have a high quality, thick coat of silvering to maximize the perfect reflective surface. If you install one of our mirrors, we can assure you that the quality will be high end.

Looking for custom mirror fabrication? Green America Glass can customize a mirror for you to provide you with a beautiful statement piece or a subtle sleek design. We are known for our mirror installation and our custom fabrication, and we can use a variety of glass including low-iron glass, clear glass, bronze glass, acid etched glass, or one-way (transparent) glass depending on your preference.

At Green America Glass, we offer a wide variety of mirror installations for homeowners, condo associations and landlords. We make mirror installation easy with our expert team of installers, ensuring your mirror installation is precise and measured. Our company has installed glass products like mirror installations for thousands of homes throughout the years, so rest assured that we will provide you with the best mirror installation you can find.

As a full-service glass company, we know the ins and outs of glass including mirrors. Our experts can help you decide on the right design and fit for your space, and install your mirrors in a manner that will impress. Our mirror installation provides you with the heavy lifting and the manual labor, so that you don’t have to worry about spending time and energy figuring out what to do. We do the labor for you, and also help with the design if needed. Our all-in-one service will leave you feeling satisfied and relieved that you put your mirror installation in our hands.

If you’ve been thinking about installing your mirror but haven’t known where to look, call us today to schedule something. Our experts can be reached at (305) 960-7025, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have so that your mirror installation can get started. We can make sure your mirror installation happens smoothly and quickly so that your space reflects the beauty around you, and so that your family, friends or guests can enjoy a beautifully designed space together.

Glass railings are a beautiful modern railing approach that offer safety and security without obstructing the view. Glass railings provide contemporary visual appeal, especially if they are the only thing standing between you and a stunning vista. If you have a beautiful view, the last thing you want to do is obstruct it with wood panels. Glass railings let you keep your view while still providing the protection you need. Just seeing glass railings brings to mind luxury and elegance, with a minimalistic design element.

Glass railings offer safety and support without the bulkiness of other building materials, and they still provide optimal protection due to the strong tempered glass used. Glass railings require less maintenance than wood railings, and they will not warp or crack in high humidity or drier weather like wood does. Glass railings are also easier to clean than wood railings – just like your windows and mirrors, you can use a glass cleaner and a cloth for easy maintenance.

A glass railing system will work well for your deck, staircase, or balcony, and at Green America Glass, safety, security and functionality is at the core of our glass railing installation. We offer glass railings in a variety of types of glass, including acid etched, low iron, bronze or grey glass. If you prefer glass railings but still want some privacy, our acid etched option still provides the lightness and brightness of glass for your railings while also giving you privacy on your deck or balcony. Your glass railings will be customized to fit your space and the look you are going for, whether that be sleek, modern, elegant, minimal, or all of the above.

Glass railings are visually appealing, classy and luxurious and will make your space look and feel more open and bright. If you have a beautiful view that is just waiting to be seen, glass railings can provide that for you in a safe and sophisticated way. Call us today to talk to one of our glass railing specialists at (305) 960-7025. Our experts know everything from glass railing installation to railing repair and can help you decide what will fit your needs best.

Frameless glass shower doors offer a sleek, modern aesthetic and create a wider and brighter look for your shower. They can enhance small bathrooms to make them appear larger, and they offer a classy and clean design element to already larger spaces. Frameless glass shower doors evoke feelings of luxury and relaxation for your family and guests.

Whether you are looking for clear glass panels or something that provides more privacy, frameless glass shower doors can come in a variety of designs for the look and function you need. Unlike framed shower doors, frameless glass shower doors are made up of thicker tempered glass panes to provide optimal support, safety and functionality without the bulky metal framing. The frameless glass shower door design compliments any space and is neutral and elegant enough to blend well with any type of decor you may have.

Frameless glass shower doors are easy to clean and maintain due to their lack of metal frames.  With their frameless design, there are no crevices for mold and mildew to accumulate, so all you need is a glass cleaner and cloth to keep your shower doors sparkling. Because there is no frame that can corrode on frameless glass shower doors, if properly maintained, these shower doors can last for decades and add value to your home.

At Green America Glass, we bring the elegance and luxury you want for your bathroom with our frameless glass shower doors. We have many different types of glass to choose from for your shower doors including low iron, bronze glass, grey glass or acid etched. We are a full-service glass company that specializes in installing and repairing the perfect frameless glass shower doors and mirrors for your space. Our team is comprised of experts in the field and will provide you with the convenient, quality service you desire for both residential and commercial locations. We offer free consultations to help you choose the best type of glass for your shower doors, and we are always ready to assist you. Contact us today for your free consultation at (305) 960-7025.