Green America is the leading provider of mirrors to businesses in and around Miami, Florida. We can cut a custom mirror based on the specifications provided by you. We provide oval, rectangular, square, and wall-to-wall mirrors for offices, recreation areas, gyms, fitness centers, shopping malls, retail stores, supermarket chains, clinics, hospitals, event venues, hotels, and other commercial establishments.

Almost all business premises need multiple vanity mirrors, decorative mirrors, framed and frameless mirrors. And Green America can help you find the perfect mirror that will match your interiors. Our mirror manufacturing process uses computer numeric controlled or CNC machines that ensure high accuracy levels in the final product.

If used correctly, then mirrors can also function as light management devices as the reflected light can be used to illuminate other areas of a room or building. A well fabricated and installed mirror will also add to the area’s elegance and make the space more aesthetically pleasing.

We also specialize in creating customized mirror walls that can upgrade the whole look and feel of a room and are preferred by client-facing or B2C businesses in Miami. We also serve several other nearby cities such as Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Orlando, in addition to Miami.

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