Office glass partitions have become almost synonymous with a modern, functional office. Architects, building planners, and construction contractors have always considered the pros and cons of one material over another for constructing partitions as each material such as wood, plastic, glass, or metal has its unique features. Most people who pondered over the choice of the perfect material for creating partitions have arrived at a consensus that Glass is the best choice for creating office and room partitions.

Green America is the leading provider of glass partitions to businesses in Miami, Florida. We also serve businesses in other parts of Florida such as, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Orlando, St Petersburg, and Tampa. Our licensed and experienced craftsmen have created customized glass partition systems for hundreds of businesses in the past. We believe in working closely with prospective clients as this allows us to understand their needs and come up with bespoke solutions.

Benefits of Glass Partitions

  • Glass partitions are cost-effective and can be installed at a fraction of what you would need to spend for wooden partitions or those made up of other materials.
  • Glass partitions are also relatively easy to install due to the modular approach adopted by glass partition manufacturers that has led to modular partitions installed within a couple of hours.
  • Glass partitions are well regarded for their ability to reduce ambient noise in large workplaces without changing the whole layout of the workplace.
  • Glass partitions are also known for their aesthetics as they can add to the beauty of your workplace.
  • Glass partitions allow natural light to pass through and, if used correctly, then may help you lower the energy bill as you will need fewer lamps after installing glass partitions in a workplace.
  • Glass partitions can also be demounted and moved from one place to another easily. Modular glass partitions are designed with flexibility and portability in mind, and as such, removing or disassembling partitions is an easy job.