Glass is the perfect material for railings, and glass railings are known for their charm and elegance. Glass railings have long been used to add allure to the design of a home or office. Glass can also be used along with other materials such as wood, metal, etc.

Glass railings can be customized to a large extent, and you can also choose the type of glass you want to use in your railings. Mostly tempered glass and laminated glass are used for glass railings, and each has its pros and cons that we will now explain.

Tempered glass is created by heating the glass to 1200° F and then cooling it rapidly. Tempered glass is also known as heat-treated glass and is known to be quite firm, with an ability to resist extreme pressure and temperatures. Tempered glass comes typically in 3/8th and ½ inch sizes and is used in framed glass railing systems.

Laminated glass is another type of glass used commonly in glass railings. Laminated glass is stronger than most other types of glasses due to its unique structure. Laminated glass is made using 2 panes of glasses that have a plastic or vinyl layer between them. This vinyl layer works as an adhesive and keeps the glass panel intact even after being hit multiple times.

Laminated glass can be used in framed and frameless glass railings as it is strong enough to be used without any external frame. Usually, 9/16th inch laminated glass is used for laminated glass railings, and the panel includes two glass panes of ¼ inch each with a 1/16th inch plastic interlayer between them.

We specialize in crafting glass railings for homes and offices. Our licensed craftsmen have designed and built glass railings using different glass varieties for hundreds of customers in Miami and surrounding cities.