Glass windows gained popularity in the early 17th century and remain an inseparable part of any modern commercial building or office. Glass windows not only allow for managing the airflow in and out of a building but are also important aesthetically and can be used for improving the appearance of a building.

Glass windows and window wall systems have become the best symbol of modern Corporate America, with businesses of all sizes and shapes ranging from your mom-and-pop neighborhood grocery shop to large multinationals using them for their offices.

Windows not only regulates airflow but can also be used to provide a breathtaking view of the outside while also illuminating the room using natural sunlight. Glass windows also create an illusion of ample space. They have long been used for better managing the available spaces.

The quality of a glass window depends on the skill of the fabricator and the type and thickness of the glass used. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the vast array of glasses used in constructing glass windows. For example, one can choose between clear glass, acid etched glass, low iron glass, bronze glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, and impact glass.

Each type of glass has its unique features, and one also needs to consider the area, climate, and region where the glass window will be installed to select the type of glass. For example, in a hurricane and storm-prone area like Miami, most businesses prefer high-impact glass windows that can not only withstand hurricanes but can also remain intact after facing high-speed winds and storms.

Green America specializes in installing commercial glass windows. Our experts have worked on hundreds of business projects in the past, assisting small and large businesses in installing glass windows of their preferred choice.