Frameless Shower Doors

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Frameless Shower Doors

If you are looking for a way to beautify your bathroom and create a sense of luxury with a modern twist, frameless shower doors are a great way to modernize and vamp-up your shower experience both aesthetically and functionally. At Green America Glass, we specialize in producing and installing frameless shower doors in a multitude of different glass types, and we guarantee to find the right look and feel for your frameless shower doors to enhance your bathroom.

Here we will outline some great benefits frameless shower doors can provide, so that you can make an informed decision when picking out your frameless shower doors.

A Cleaner Shower

One great benefit of frameless shower doors is they have a clean appearance, and by nature, are easier to keep clean. Frameless shower doors are made up of thick, hardy tempered glass, and they do not need metal supports unlike framed shower doors, which can tarnish over time. This means fewer crevices and cracks for water, soap, and mildew to collect, so cleaning frameless shower doors is quick easy by simply wiping with glass spray and a clean, dry cloth. It is much easier to maintain a cleanly appearance with frameless shower doors, and they also provide you with a simple, modern look to enhance your bathroom.

Many Design Options

Frameless shower doors offer a multitude of design options including different varieties of glass, and their wide range of motion gives frameless shower doors the option of opening from the inside or the outside interchangeably, whichever you prefer. However, installing frameless shower doors does require a bit more space for the doors to achieve their range of motion, so make sure your bathroom can accommodate that extra room.

If you are looking for frameless shower doors that are not completely transparent, it’s possible to have your frameless shower doors made out of tinted or textured glass, which offers a semi-transparent or opaque finish for more privacy. However, sticking with traditional transparent glass for your frameless shower doors gives you the benefit of creating an illusion of a larger, brighter bathroom.

Creating a Bigger Space

Aesthetically, frameless shower doors provide a modern appeal that is currently popular in today’s market. Frameless shower doors offer an airy, spacious look and feel, and are a great option to accentuate other aspects of your bathroom such as elaborate tile or stone work, or fun pops of color. Because frameless shower doors have a floating, generally see-through quality, they make your bathroom feel larger than it really is, and let plenty of light into your shower which creates a beautiful effect especially if your bathroom has windows that provide natural sunlight.

A Quality Investment

Another future benefit of frameless shower doors is that they increase the value of your property, ensuring your investment is truly worth the money. Although frameless shower doors are more expensive to buy and install than framed glass shower doors, they are much more appealing for future home-buyers and provide you with an asset when selling your home.

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