Glass-fabrication techniques vary from traditional clear-glass to more elaborate techniques like acid-etched glass. At Green America Glass we do it all, and our acid-etched glass is a great option if you are looking for something with added dimension or more opacity.

Acid-etched glass is the name for annealed glass treated with hydrofluoric acid, which gives the glass’ surface a frosted sheen. You can get acid-etched glass that is only partially treated to create specific designs, or a full sheet of glass that is completely acid-etched. Acid-etched glass is more durable than sandblasted glass, and is less likely to smudge. At Green America Glass, our acid-etched glass-fabrication can be used to create partitions, doors, walls, shelves, railings, shower doors, and many other glass-fabricated pieces.

Acid-etched glass can vary widely in opacity depending on what the finish product requires. Because the opacity does not derive from a coating, acid-etched glass maintains the same look over long periods of time, ensuring a beautiful satin-like appearance that provides some opacity to obscure the view while still transmitting substantial light.

Unlike clear glass, acid-etched glass-fabrication prevents smudging while providing more privacy for certain areas that might require it, like a shower enclosure. Acid-etched glass is easy to clean and adds elegance and serenity to your space.

Sometimes referred to as “French embossing,” acid-etched glass-fabrication is one of the oldest decorative techniques when it comes to glass craftsmanship. At Green America Glass, we continue to honor this tradition with an assortment of luxurious and eye-catching options for your home or business. Our specialists can help you decide the design and style that meets your needs best, and we can professionally design and install any of our acid-etched glass-fabrications ensuring you receive a beautiful and functional finished product.