If you are looking for a glass option that offers a warm, earthy and luxurious feel, consider bronze-glass as an attractive glass-fabrication possibility. Bronze-glass provides a unique look for your space with it’s stylish copper hue, and has many benefits with it’s subdued color. Bronze-glass fabrication is ideal for anywhere you want to have the look and feel of glass, but boasts a warmer, tinted option which can be used as a sophisticated design element.

Green America Glass ensures high-quality, customized glass-fabrication, and our bronze-glass holds the same standards offering a slight glare reflectance and a coffee-colored tint. Bronze-glass fabrication can be used for gorgeous interior accents like tabletops, patio tables, table covers, shelves, curio or cabinet glass inserts, as well as personal craft projects.

Bronze-glass is a traditional glass tint that blocks a decent amount of heat from the sun and glare entering a building when used for windows, walls and partitions. Bronze-glass efficiently blocks around a third of visible light, and roughly sixty percent of ultraviolet light. Luckily, any light that passes through bronze-glass does not really affect the appearance of colored objects in a space, but provides somewhat of a warm glow which beautifully compliments other design elements like brick, wood, stone, and other earth tones.

Consider bronze-glass fabrication as a creative, simple yet unique alternative to traditional glass for a warmer, softer aesthetic. At Green America Glass, you can put your trust in our specialists who can customize and adapt our bronze-glass fabrication to fit your space best. Whether you are looking for small accents or large pieces of bronze-glass to add the distinctive, soft warm feeling in your home or business, our experts will install and design the perfect fit.