At Green America Glass, our grey-glass fabrication technique gives you the ability to add a sophisticated, tinted glass option for your environment. Grey-glass offers many unique benefits apart from traditional glass because of it’s tinted nature. Green America Glass offers grey-glass fabrication as one of our many glass-fabrication options, and with over a decade of experience, we can help you find the perfect fit for your glass installation needs.

Grey-glass is sometimes referred to as smoke glass, and is essentially a tinted glass which is primarily used to reduce the transmission of light in specific areas, as well as for decorative purposes. When used in windows, grey-glass fabrication offers the unique benefit of reducing fading when it comes to furniture, carpeting, artwork and other light-sensitive items. If you are concerned about the lack of privacy you receive with clear-glass fabrication, grey-glass offers a bit of a shield between you and the outside world with it’s tinted nature.

Fortunately, grey-glass fabrication is ideal for both home and commercial use, depending on your needs. When used as a window, grey-glass may provide you with cooler indoor temperatures, blocking some of the heat emitted by the sun’s sweltering rays. On top of that, grey-glass fabrication is optimal for reducing glare, and grey-glass has a slightly reduced opacity so that it provides some privacy and protection, but is visible enough to still see through.

Grey-glass fabrication can be used for an assortment of features in a home or business, such as glass shelving or countertops, grey-glass bathrooms including glass shower doors, grey-glass partitions, gorgeous grey-glass doors and windows, as well as tinted storefronts and building or house exteriors. Green America Glass ensures that your grey-glass fabrication is completed to your specifications so that your glass-fabrication experience exceeds your expectations.