If you are looking for a glass-fabrication option that has the most transparency possible, look no further than Green America Glass’ low-iron glass fabrication. Even more transparent than clear glass, low-iron glass promises a clearer look for a super sophisticated, sleek glass visual and feel.

Low-iron glass fabrication is ideal for specific uses such as pristine display cases, elegant frameless glass walls, unique dividers and partitions, as well as other transparent applications that require the immaculate nature of our low-iron glass. The properties between clear-glass and low-iron glass differ in specific ways, which is why clear-glass appears a bit more opaque than low-iron glass. Like it’s name states, low-iron glass contains a lower iron level than clear-glass, which results in higher transparency.

Low-iron glass fabrication is ideal for displaying jewelry and other precious items so that their sparkle and shine is illuminated adequately through the low-iron glass. With clear-glass, even a minuscule amount of a tint can partially obscure your display items, resulting in a lower-quality visual. Sometimes low-iron glass is referred to as extra-clear or optically-clear glass, and this type of glass significantly increases light transparency as much as 6 percent.

The benefits of low-iron glass are substantial, especially if you’d like to increase and highlight the natural light in your space. Low-iron glass is the most ideal glass to use in retail and display cases to attract the eye towards your products or precious objects. With it’s lower iron composition, low-iron glass tends to transmit roughly 91 percent of light, versus the 83 percent typical of clear glass. At Green America Glass, our low-iron glass will illuminate whatever you put behind it, creating the ideal glass for light transfer and luxurious displays.