Glass Shower Door – Design Options

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Green America Glass is one of the premier installers, distributors and makers of glass shower doors in the country. Glass shower doors make a beautiful, elegant addition to your bathroom, and greatly improve the look and feel of your space. A glass shower door also provides a water-tight seal for your shower, and quick and easy access to get in and out.

Things to Consider

There are many different design options when deciding on the perfect glass shower door for your bathroom. Showers can be one of three different types: corner walk-in showers, alcove stand-alone showers and bathtub showers. Depending on your shower, the glass shower door design will vary greatly. There is a fourth version of shower, called a barrier-free, which is designed without a door and is more accessible for wheelchair entry.

Considering the bathroom’s layout is another important step in determining the type of glass shower door you’d like to install. A glass shower door requires clearance to open completely depending on the type you get, so it’s essential to measure the bathroom and consider the layout and which way the door will open when looking for an appropriate glass shower door.

Additionally, considering the width and height of the shower’s opening is another important aspect of glass shower door installation. A standard shower door runs 22-36 inches across, and anything wider than that most likely needs an added panel, or a specific type of glass shower door that accommodates wider openings.

Glass Shower Door Varieties

Sliding glass shower doors are one option, and are the best variety of glass shower door for smaller spaces and for bathtub showers. These types of glass shower door slide along tracks, and don’t require any floor space or room for a glass shower door to swing open and closed.

Pivoting glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that are attached to hinges which swing open. This type of glass shower door opens from one side only, and works for showers that are narrow. Depending on the model, you can find a pivoting glass shower door that swings inward and outward, allowing for a wide range of motion.

Round glass shower doors are a good way to save space for both corner and walk-in showers. This type of glass shower door can be reversible so that you can access your shower stall from either side. Neo-angle glass shower doors are another type of glass shower door that work for corner shower installations. They are a great space-saving option and can also be reversible.

Lastly, barrier-free glass shower doors have an open design that shields the bathroom from water, while allowing wheelchair access. This type of glass shower door makes the bathroom feel modern and large, and is a beautiful option when installing a new glass shower door.

Contact us today at Green America Glass for a quote on your glass shower door installation, and to answer any questions you may have about updating your bathroom.

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