Types of Glass Shower Doors

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Types of Glass Shower Doors

A great way to update your bathroom is by installing a beautiful, new glass shower door. At Green America Glass, our glass shower doors can be made from all different types of glass depending on the style you are interested in. Generally, a glass shower door falls under one of three categories: a glass shower door for a walk-in shower in a corner of the bathroom, a glass shower door for a stand-alone shower stall, or a glass shower door for a bathtub shower. There is a fourth glass shower door option, which is for a barrier-free shower. This type of glass shower door provides a contemporary aesthetic and is ideal for wheelchair accessibility. However, there is actually no glass shower door in a barrier-free design, rather, the glass shower door consists of an open plank of glass that acts as a shield to prevent water from splashing into the bathroom.

Taking into consideration the bathroom’s layout is an important aspect as well when choosing a glass shower door. A glass shower door requires the necessary clearance to be able to open fully, so if you have a small space, you will need to find the proper glass shower door to fit comfortably. What’s more, if you have a shower opening that is wider than around 36-inches, it is likely that you will need to install another glass shower door panel or find a glass shower door that is specifically engineered for wide spaces.

Sliding Glass Shower Door

A sliding glass shower door is also known by the name “bypass door.” This glass door option is ideal for smaller bathrooms, as well as bathtub showers. One benefit of this type of shower door is they require no additional floor space for the door to swing open or closed, which is a necessity on a pivoting glass shower door. One disadvantage of a sliding glass shower door is the potential build-up of mildew, which can occur more often in the crevices of the metal frame. Other than that, a sliding glass shower door is a great option for a bathroom with minimal space, while still providing an elegant shower experience.

Pivot Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door that pivots, or contains a hinge, opens from one side of a walk-in shower. This type of glass shower door is perfect for openings that may be too narrow for a sliding glass shower door. What’s more, some pivot glass shower doors allow for the glass shower door to swing inward and outward, allowing for a wide range of motion.

Round Glass Shower Door

A round glass shower door is ideal for corner walk-in showers, and are often times reversible so that they can be accessed from the right or left side. This type of glass shower door is perfect for small spaces, and is attached to both the top and bottom of the frame so that the door remains stable and moves optimally.

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