Glass is an increasingly popular building and construction material that is used in homes, offices, and commercial buildings across all major and minor cities in America. Glass doors and windows can not only affect the curb appeal of your property but can also serve other purposes such as enhance the outside view, allow natural lighting, and help manage sound pollution in some cases.

Glass products are ubiquitous around us, and it is impossible to imagine modern buildings without glass. Green America is one of the best providers of glass products to clients in Miami. We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses with their glass needs and are among the best providers of glass fabrication, installation, and repair services in Miami.

We primarily serve residential and commercial clients and offer a diverse range of glass products for both these categories. We also provide glass in bulk for other glass businesses and craftsmen that work with glass. For our residential clients, we offer fabrication and installation services for glass doors, glass shower doors, glass stairs, mirrors, tabletops, backsplash painted glass, and glass window repair service.

Glass fabrication and Installation in Miami

We also offer glass partitions, glass railings, glass windows, and commercial glass mirrors fabrication and installation services for our commercial clients. We can also fabricate custom glass products for large offices or business establishments on order.

Glass fabrication and installation in Miami is a complex process that needs specialized skills and years of expertise. Both fabrication and installation involve several complicated steps, and even a minor mistake on the part of the fabricator or installer can be disastrous.

Usually, glass cutting, drilling, bending, etching, and fixing it in the frame or wall are essential jobs that a glass fabricator and installer must-do for clients. We have computer numerical control or CNC machines for fabricating glass that ensures a high level of precision and pinpoint accuracy. And our experts have years of experience in installing fabricated glass into structures of all sizes ranging from garage to walls, to doors, windows, and patio, etc.

We pay attention to detail and ensure that everything is taken care of in the installation process as even a minor error by the installer can lead to glass doors, glass windows, or glass partitions not being installed properly that can further lead to dangerous situations by decreasing the integrity of the structure.

Glass installation often involves taking a measurement of the site where the glass product will be installed, creating frames, fixing frames in the place, fixing glass using screws, adhesive, or gaskets, and then finally closing any gap using shims or caulk. Only a trained specialist can perform all these functions perfectly, and all our installers possess the skills for installing glass flawlessly in doors, windows, walls, etc.

We offer all types of glass and are always eager to help our customers. We also provide a free consultation to first-time buyers who may be confused about the fabrication process or have doubts about the type of glass that will best meet their needs. Just contact us for a free consultation and a free quote.