Mirror Installation

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Mirror Installation

Do you already have the perfect mirror for your home or business, but wish that a professional could install it for you? Our experts at Green America Glass have over a decade of experience installing mirrors in numerous types of spaces, regardless of the size. Whether you are looking for a new mirror or already have one ready to go, we can provide you with professional mirror installation so that your mirror is installed precisely and safely on your wall.

At Green America Glass we provide the highest quality mirror installation because we know that materials matter. We have a wide selection of mirrors to choose from, and the quality of our mirrors is top-notch. One important factor to consider when installing a mirror is mirror silvering, which is the coating on top of the glass to provide a perfect reflection. We ensure our mirrors have a high quality, thick coat of silvering to maximize the perfect reflective surface. If you install one of our mirrors, we can assure you that the quality will be high end.

Looking for custom mirror fabrication? Green America Glass can customize a mirror for you to provide you with a beautiful statement piece or a subtle sleek design. We are known for our mirror installation and our custom fabrication, and we can use a variety of glass including low-iron glass, clear glass, bronze glass, acid etched glass, or one-way (transparent) glass depending on your preference.

At Green America Glass, we offer a wide variety of mirror installations for homeowners, condo associations and landlords. We make mirror installation easy with our expert team of installers, ensuring your mirror installation is precise and measured. Our company has installed glass products like mirror installations for thousands of homes throughout the years, so rest assured that we will provide you with the best mirror installation you can find.

As a full-service glass company, we know the ins and outs of glass including mirrors. Our experts can help you decide on the right design and fit for your space, and install your mirrors in a manner that will impress. Our mirror installation provides you with the heavy lifting and the manual labor, so that you don’t have to worry about spending time and energy figuring out what to do. We do the labor for you, and also help with the design if needed. Our all-in-one service will leave you feeling satisfied and relieved that you put your mirror installation in our hands.

If you’ve been thinking about installing your mirror but haven’t known where to look, call us today to schedule something. Our experts can be reached at (305) 960-7025, and can answer any questions or concerns you may have so that your mirror installation can get started. We can make sure your mirror installation happens smoothly and quickly so that your space reflects the beauty around you, and so that your family, friends or guests can enjoy a beautifully designed space together.

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