More Varieties of Shower Door Hardware

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Shower Door Hardware

When it comes to installing a glass shower door, Green America Glass has many varieties of shower door hardware to choose from. Whether you are looking for decorative shower door hardware or purely functional pieces, we have all of the shower door hardware you need to fulfill your shower door installation. Here we will discuss a few types of shower door hardware that we supply.

Handles and Knobs

There are countless varieties of shower door handles and knobs when it comes to shower door hardware, and sometimes choosing the right design can be tricky. In terms of shower door hardware handles, you can choose between mitered pull handles, square pull handles, ladder pull handles, knobs, and finger pull handles. You can choose shower door hardware handles that are simple or extravagant and custom made, so matching your budget and aesthetic is 100% guaranteed.

Some of the more common knobs and handle varieties are the d-pull shower door hardware handles, the square pull shower door hardware handles, and the ladder pull shower door hardware handles. All of these types of shower door hardware come in various sizes and lengths, and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on your preferences. Other options for shower door hardware handles include the knob or finger pull. The finger pull shower door hardware handle is a little indentation that is circular, allowing you to pull the glass shower door open just with your fingertip. A knob is a standard metal extrusion, often found on cabinets, that allows you to pull open the shower door with the shower door hardware mechanism.

Towel Bars

Installing towel bars for your shower door hardware is another great option to match the handle or knob style of your shower door hardware. Towel bars come in different lengths for both shower towels or hand towels. Choosing a combo for your shower door hardware with matching handles and bars is a great way to add style and consistency to your bathroom.

Glass Panels

Choosing the perfect fixed glass panels when determining which shower door hardware is best for you is an essential step in updating your shower. Usually, glass shower doors are made up of two or more sturdy glass panels. One of these panels either swings open on pivots or hinges or slides across a metal track, while the other is a fixed panel that doesn’t move and is attached to the wall. The shower door hardware that keeps the glass panels attached to the wall are either clips or a channel.

A channel generally runs all the way across the height and width of the glass panel, whereas clips are a piece of shower door hardware that are small metal squares that the glass fits into. This type of shower door hardware leaves a small gap between the wall and the glass panel. Because of this, channels are pieces of shower door hardware that are more efficient at blocking water from getting into the bathroom.

For more information on shower door hardware, contact one of our experts at Green America Glass so we can assist you in all of your shower door hardware needs.

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