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This self-closing patch kit is a sturdy and versatile piece of hardware that you can use in any commercial entrance design. Our hydraulic patch fitting kit fits tempered glass panels ranging from 5/16”(8mm) to 1/2”(12mm) thick. We include gaskets with every self-closing patch fitting so you can easily accommodate the thickness of the glass you’re using. We also have a 1:1 paper template to help you more efficiently fabricate the corner of the glass door panel to fit inside the hinge patch.

IGT Glass Hardware’s patch fitting safely holds a door weighing up to 220 lbs (100kg) and supports a maximum width of 39”(99.06cm). It includes a full opening range of 150°, offers controlled closure at 135°, and a hold-open feature at 105°. It is also available with No Hold Open if needed Cat# OCFH-NHO-KIT. Simply turn the hardware adjustment screws to change the latching speed and swing rate in seconds. With a test-confirmed durability factor of 500,000 open/close cycles and an ambient heat/cold tolerance of -4°F(-20°C) to +123°F(50.5°C), your client will remain satisfied with your work for years to come.

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