We offer a wide range of residential glass installation and fabrication services aimed at homeowners, landlords, and condo associations. Green America also works closely with some leading real estate developers in Miami and has installed glass products in thousands of homes over last couple of years.

We can fabricate and install a glass shower door, glass stairs, mirrors, glass tabletops, glass doors, and back splash painted glass for your home. In addition to this, we also provide glass window repair services for broken glass windows and our experts are always eager to help homeowners in need.

Our Services

We specialize in fabricating custom glass products for bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and other parts of a home. Below is a list of services offered by our residential division:

Glass Shower Doors: We are a leading provider of all types of glass shower doors and offer a wide array of framed shower doors, frameless shower doors, sliding and swinging shower doors. In addition to shower doors, we can also design a custom-made glass tub door, glass splash guard/spray screen for your bathroom.

Glass Stairs: If you are looking for eye-catching glass stairs that are also strong and elegant at the same time, then look no further as Green America is known for fabricating beautiful glass stairs that can be used in homes of all types and size.

Glass Window Repair: We also offer glass window repair service for homes as our experts have experience in repairing and replacing glass of all types.

Mirrors: Green America is also known for fabricating and installing custom mirrors that can be made to the exact size specified by you. We can also create mirrors to match the interiors of your house and can use a wide variety of glass such as low-iron glass, clear glass, bronze glass, acid-etched, or one-way(transparent) glass.

Table Tops: We provide rectangular, oval, square, and round glass table tops, and count tops for residential customers. You can choose glass size for the table tops as we offer all popular glass sizes ranging from 3/16th inch to ½ inch thickness.

Glass Doors: We also offer prefabricated glass doors for use in homes, kitchens, bedrooms, study, and living area. You can choose the thickness of glass to be used in a glass door and can customize it based on your needs and preferences.

Back Splash Painted Glass: Back splash painted glass has long been favored for use in kitchen and other interior areas of a house. It is known for luscious and luminous appearance that combines with the crisp and clean feeling offered by this type of glass. Green America is a leading provider of backsplash painted glass in and around Miami.