We are among the best glass door fabricators and installers in Miami, Florida, and serve clients in several nearby cities. Glass doors are ideal for any setting. Customers use them in homes, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, and balconies. We specialize in fabricating glass doors for homes and can create a custom glass door that will meet your individual needs.

Most Miami residents prefer sliding impact glass doors that can remain intact even in a storm or hurricane. Green America is considered the best fabricator and installer for impact sliding glass doors.

Glass Doors are ideal for spaces that connect with outdoor areas, as using a glass door in such a place will allow you to get sunlight. You can also enjoy the view from the inside without leaving the comfort of your home. Glass doors have several advantages over other materials such as wood. Glass doors are easy to clean, are termite resistant, are not affected by moisture, and have low maintenance costs.

Using glass doors will allow you to harness the power of sunlight and will also help lower your electricity bill as you can switch off the lamps in an area after installing a glass door as sunlight will illuminate the room naturally.

Not all glass is created the same, and you have the option to choose from a wide array of glasses for your glass door. We primarily deal in clear glass, grey glass, bronze glass, low iron glass, acid etched glass, and tinted glass. You can choose a specific type of glass for your glass doors, and we will be happy to assist you in this process by explaining the properties of every kind of glass.

The thickness of the glass is the second most important factor after the type of glass in a glass door. Most of our clients choose 1/4th inch or 3/8th inch glass to be used in their glass door, and we can also provide glass with thickness ranging from 3/16th to ½ inch.

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