Glass has remained a preferred choice for shower doors of all types, shapes, and sizes. Green America is a leading provider of glass shower doors in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Tampa, Saint Petersburg & Orlando.

Glass shower doors come in different shapes and can be used in almost any setting. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that you can get a glass shower door for nearly every shower setting, depending on the space available, the shape of the bathroom, and other factors.

We primarily deal in frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, swinging shower doors, neo angle shower doors, tub doors, and 90° frameless shower enclosures. When choosing a glass shower door, there is no such thing as an ideal shower door as any reliance on a “one size fits all approach” will not work.

What may work in a neighbor’s bathroom may not be ideal for you, and you need to carefully select the type of glass shower door that will work best for you. For example, suppose you have a corner shower. In that case, a neo-angle shower door will be the perfect choice as it allows you to utilize space efficiently and adds a unique element to your bathroom.

90° frameless shower enclosures are another option for those with a corner shower and work perfectly for square or rectangular showers due to their design. In-line glass shower doors can also be used if you have a shower enclosure with 3 walls and want to install the glass shower door on the same plane.

Steam shower enclosures seal the space from the floor up to the ceiling, thus effectively trapping the steam generated from the hot shower water. Steam shower enclosures and doors can be ideal if you enjoy taking steam baths. We also deal in framed, and semi-frameless shower doors that utilize shower frames made up of aluminum or other metals.

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We can fabricate a glass shower door using acid-edged glass, clear glass, low iron glass, bronze glass, grey glass, or tinted glass of your choice. Glass shower doors are usually made of glass with 3/8 inch or ½ inch thickness. However, if you want a thicker or thinner glass shower door, we can use the glass thickness specified by you as we have glass with thickness ranging from 3/16th to ½ inch.

Frameless glass shower doors are usually made using 3/8th or ½ inch glass and using glass below this thickness will lead to a less stable structure. Therefore, we advise most of our clients to use glass with 3/8th or ½ inch thickness in frameless shower doors to ensure that the overall structure is rigid and stable.

If you want to use less thick glass, such as of 3/16th or ¼ inch thickness, then it is better to use a framed or semi-frameless shower door as the metal used in such structures can compensate for the loss in thickness of glass.