Glass Stairs not only add elegance to your home but can also be the missing element that your home needs to create the perfect ambiance. Using glass as the primary materials for the balustrades of your staircase, you can get some additional benefits as glass has some unique properties that are not found in other materials.

Glass stairs can be used in places where one wants to use a material that will not block light and will also give an appearance of a spacy and airy interior. Glass stairs are ideal for use in modern homes and offices as glass has become a symbol of modern 21st century construction and is associated with affluence.

Glass is also not prone to termites, moisture, or rust, as is the case with stairs made of wood and metal. Glass stairs can be used in all types of climates as even the moisture contained in the air does not have any effect on glass stairs. Glass also requires minimum maintenance and is super-easy to clean using any glass cleaning solution or liquid that is sold by your neighborhood Walmart, Kroger, or Target store.

While initially, the cost of installing glass stairs may seem to be a bit higher than the cost of a wooden staircase, if you consider the maintenance cost, cleaning, and other aspects, you will discover that glass stairs are cheaper than wooden staircases.

Glass stairs are also the perfect choice for design-conscious customers as glass can be readily combined with other materials such as wood, metal, or stone to create the ideal contemporary feel.

Green America is a leading provider of glass stairs in Miami and the Tampa Bay Area. We can make the ideal glass stairs for your home or office using glass of your choice. Our experts have helped hundreds of clients select the perfect glass stairs based on their individual needs in the past and would be glad to assist you in finding the correct type of glass stairs.