Varieties of Glass Shower Door Hardware

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Shower Door Hardware

Finding the perfect glass shower door hardware for your bathroom first involves figuring out which glass shower door hardware you need, and what all the components are called. Whether you are looking for handles or hinges, Green America Glass has what you need when it comes to providing top quality glass shower door hardware for your space.

Knowing whether you are installing a framed or frameless glass shower door will determine the types of glass shower door hardware you’ll need. While frameless glass shower doors have a clean and sleek look, framed glass shower doors have more glass shower door hardware due to their metal frame. Because of their modern appeal, frameless glass shower doors are currently the most in-demand glass shower door style, and are more costly than their framed counterparts. Fortunately, most glass shower door hardware is compatible with frameless and framed shower doors alike.

Glass Shower Door Hardware Parts

Here is a list comprising all of the glass shower door hardware parts needed to finish your glass shower door properly: if you have a sliding shower door, you’ll need a header bar, mounts for the header, and sliders for the door as well as channels for a fixed panel. You’ll also need glass shower door hardware parts like a handle bar and towel bar, glass panels, metal surroundings, and glass panel guides.

When it comes to shower door slider and hinge options, there are three main types of glass shower door hardware. These are pivots, hinges and sliders. With a smaller bathroom, you’ll want to consider sliding shower doors because there won’t be adequate space for a swinging glass shower door. The glass shower door hardware needed in this case includes sliding hardware, which is attached at the top of the door’s panel, and often requires pre-drilled holes throughout the glass. The glass shower door hardware then rolls on either a support bar, or in a header bar which opens and closes the door. This type of glass shower door and glass shower door hardware comes in two options, a single sliding door as well as two bypass sliding doors. Some people prefer choosing a bypass sliding door, which provides more flexibility when entering the shower.

Hinges are another type of glass shower door hardware that are common and cost efficient. This kind of glass shower door hardware has a low profile, and is attached in two locations or more. Pivots like hinges are another glass shower door hardware option that are attached to the floor or a frame, header, ceiling or wall. All of the slider and hinge glass shower door hardware options listed are available for framed and frameless glass shower doors alike.

For more information on installing premium glass shower door hardware for your bathroom, contact one of our experts at Green America Glass. We can help you choose the best options when it comes to glass shower door hardware so that you are completely satisfied.

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