Glass is a ubiquitous building material, and it is almost impossible to imagine a modern building without glass doors, glass windows, and other glass products. As a result, homeowners and businesses in West Palm Beach consistently choose glass for their premises.

Green America is considered among the best providers of glass fabrication and installation services in West Palm Beach. We have proudly served the local community for several years and have helped hundreds of homeowners, landlords, tenants, offices, stores, hotels, resorts, cafes, restaurants, and other commercial establishments with their glazing needs.

Our services are primarily divided into two categories of residential and commercial. Residential services include fabrication, installation & repair of glass doors, glass shower doors, glass shower enclosures both framed & frameless, glass windows, glass tabletops, glass partitions, glass stairs, and glass mirrors for residential clients such as homeowners, landlords, and tenants.

glass fabrication and installation in West Palm Beach

While our commercial services are mainly focused on the glazing needs of the businesses in West Palm Beach. We provide glass partitions, glass railings, commercial mirrors, glass doors, storefront enclosures, glass walls for showrooms, and glass windows for commercial clients such as offices, hotels, resorts, malls, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, showrooms, retail stores, and other business clients such as law firms, architects, and doctors.

Glass fabrication, installation, & repair are quite delicate processes that require an especial emphasis on precision and accuracy as even minor differences in size, shape, or thickness of the glass used can render the final glass product unusable or compromise its integrity.

We have a well-laid down process that involves several steps and ensures that we can meet the client’s needs. First, we would discuss a client’s needs, get an idea of the type of work needed to be done and provide a custom quote based on the amount & type of work that needs to be done. The second step usually involves our craftsmen visiting the home or office in person. They analyze the space where the final glass product will be installed and take measurements for the glass’s final dimensions that need to be fabricated. The third step usually involves fabricating the glass as per the measurements taken by the client or us. The fourth and final step consists of the installation of the fabricated glass on the property.

We use computer numerical controlled or CNC machines for glass fabrication, and the fabrication process is 100% automatic and done by CNC machines. This ensures that the final glass is 100% accurate and per the client’s measurements or dimensions.